Venom Post Credits Scene Leaked Information

Venom Post Credits Scene Leaked Information


Post Credit Scenes are a staple of modern day comic book movies. It’s rare that we get a film without one and it appears that Venom will be no different.

After a recent interview with Fandango, Director Ruben Fleischer stated that it would be a mistake to not stay through the credits of a superhero movie when discussing Venom.

This pretty much confirms that there will be one present in the upcoming Tom Hardy flick and several theories are abound on the internet as to who could appear.

Many are hoping for an appearance by Tom Holland whilst others are sure that Carnage will be the one making the cameo.

Personally I’m leaning more towards the latter as I highly doubt that the MCU would allow the actor to appear as it would immediately take away from the cliffhanger death of the character at the end of Infinity War.

Sony are clearly trying to build a cinematic universe that doesn’t rely on Marvel so I think the after credits scene will feature Carnage. Those who are fans of Spider-Man will be aware of the rivalry between the villain and it makes the most sense logically.

Sources close to the film have leaked that this is the case, however, these are unconfirmed so can only be viewed as speculative for the time being.

So, are you looking forward to Venom? Comment below and let me know!

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