Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Review

Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Review

The Walking Dead Season 7 Neagan Kills


The Walking Dead Season 7 Neagan Kills

What Disappointment?

I saw quite a lot of people saying that the Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere was a disappointment. I completely disagree. This was one of the tensest episodes in the show’s run thus far and definitely a highlight of the series.


First off, Negan is terrifying.


2016 has already been a complete dickhead and if it was a person, it would be Negan.


He’s evil in the comics but this was next level. It’s great to see how much Jeffrey Dean Morgan has nailed the role and I have no idea how the gang are going to get the better of him. At the heart of it he is a bully, only really strong when surrounded by others. However, would Rick not do the same thing? We’ve seen him kill groups of people in a similar manner and the fact that Negan spared Rick from doing what he asked at the end showed that he isn’t truly evil all the way to his core. He definitely makes for an interesting villain and it’s going to be thrilling to see how this pans out.


The episode never had a down moment. Whilst they dragged out who bit the bullet it was worth it in the end and made it so that we were in for a really strong, unforgiving 60 minutes. Especially that arm section, if you follow the comics then you know EXACTLY how it could have went. Who knows if they’ll do this in future. I hope so.


SPOILERS – The Deaths

We’ve lost a lot of people we loved in 2016 but this took this piss.


They’ve dragged this out for so long, everyone having their own suspicions but they went completely for the biggest shock twist possible and that was, that for once, they followed the comics.


Abraham got his head smashed in and I thought that was it. He’s my favourite character in the show, well he was, and I was absolutely gutted when he got the blunt end of Lucille.


When Glenn Died. DAMN! I was not seeing that.


Whilst I love Glenn and Abrahamit’s still good to see that the writers really are not scared of killing off fan favourites. The show has had it’s ups and downs and I thought the last season was pretty weak overall with too much set up and not enough pay off. It seems like they’re back on the right track though and I eagerly await the next episode.


From me it gets a



What did you think of the episode. Comment below with your thoughts and let me know.

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