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WESTWORLD SEASON 3 Everything We Know So Far & New Trailer | Release Date, Plot, Cast, Villain & More

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With the return of Westworld right around the corner it’s time to breakdown everything we know about the show.

Throughout this, we’ll be going over all the information that we have on the upcoming season including it’s release date, cast, plot and more.

There may be some spoilers here so if you want to go into the show as blind as possible then I highly suggest that you turn off now. We will be recapping certain things that happened at the end of the last season so if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet then this is your last chance to check out.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into our breakdown of everything we know about Westworld Season 3.

Westworld Season 3 Release Date

Ok so the first thing you probably wanna know is when is the show coming out.

Well, the series is going to premiere on March the 15th.

This is a Sunday and it’s going into the Game Of Thrones slot from last year so clearly HBO is very hyped.

They tend to leave this slot open for shows that they have the most confidence in and with Westworld being on of the best things on television in recent memory it does seem like they’re going to be held to the same high standard as before.

The show will release at 9 eastern time and 8 central time and then drop in the U.K. not long after.

Season Length

Where Westworld is differing from its prior seasons is that the show will be a lot shorter than prior entries.

Typically Westworld is ten episodes long but Season three will just be 8.

The entries will still be an hour-long but showrunner Jonathan Nolan has stated that he wants to tell a tighter story this time around.

He’s stated that they will not be dealing with any more time jumps and instead the season will focus mainly on the aftermath of the massacre at the park and the hosts that escaped.

westworld season 3 everything we know so far plot leaks release date news updates cast spoilers episode 1 new trailer explained breakdown 4k

Season 3 Cast

As for the cast itself, all of the notable key players are returning including Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, and Luke Hemsworth.

Most of the major players are returning. HBO has confirmed that series stars Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Luke Hemsworth, Simon Quarterman, and Rodrigo Santoro would return to their roles.

I’ll get into the additions in just a bit but many have been curious over the fate of Teddy and whether James Marsden would be returning to the show.

Though he has never confirmed or denied whether he is in the season and his name isn’t currently in the cast list, there are hints that he will be returning and the actor himself has pretty much confirmed this.

When speaking to comicbook.com, Marsden said:

“I mean, I’m not allowed to say anything. But I would say that just based on your hypothesis, if he’s died 4,000 times then I would say that the odds are probably strong. Yeah. And you know, But it’s a question I can’t answer. And I think time will tell.”

So yeah, good poker face there.

Evan Rachel Wood who plays Dolores in the show did seem to confirm that he too could be back and she went on to state.

“We do know that Dolores has taken a lot of pearls with her, Who are those pearls? I don’t know. I know there’s also a mysterious pearl in the Hale body because once Dolores got out of Hale and rebuilt herself and rebuilt Bernard she kept the Hale body and that Hale is now going out into the real world with her but we have no idea who’s in there.”

Currently, there is a theory that Teddy is actually in Hale’s body and this theory adds a lot of weight to that.

Nolan did go on to say that a lot of the older characters would not be returning and that many of them did find the sort of afterlife that they were seeking at the end of the second season.

Whilst they got their happy ending there are still a lot of things up in the air.

The Man In Black

The Man In Black is, of course, having to deal with the fact that he himself may be a host and the ending cliffhanger has left a lot open for the future.

According to co-showrunner Lisa Joy the post-credits scene was set in the far far future where the world is dramatically different and the show is actually something that has been a loop for the man in black.

She said due to the events in the show:

“He has become quite destroyed, as it were. A figure in the image of [the Man in Black’s] daughter — his daughter is of course now long dead — has come back to talk to him. He realizes that he’s been living this loop again and again and again. The primal loop that we’ve seen this season, they’ve been repeating, testing every time for what they call ‘fidelity,’ or perhaps a deviation. You get the sense that the testing will continue. It’s teasing for us another temporal realm that one day we’re working toward, and one day will see a little bit more of, and how they get to that place, and what they’re testing for.”

So yeah, the Man In Black is himself being tested for Fidelity.


I’m interested to see where they go with him as there’s a lot of potential and obviously it could lead to big things.

westworld season 3 new trailer

New Faces

That doesn’t mean we will be solely focused on just the past characters though and judging by the trailer, Season 3 actually seems to be centered around the new rather than the old.

When the trailer for Season 3 dropped not many people had any idea what was going on as initially it just seemed to be following Aaron Paul’s character Caleb in a futuristic society.

We hadn’t really seen much of the outside world in Westworld and this first look caught a lot of people off guard.

It all became clear when Caleb came across Dolores and we’d realised she was fully out in the world.

Though we don’t know exactly what’s going to be happening in the season, from the trailer it does look like Caleb will be taking part in some hiests and Dolores will be making some new friends.

Nolan also dropped some hints on exactly what could be going on and when talking to Entertainment Weekly about Caleb’s role he said:

“Caleb will challenge Dolores’ notions about the nature of humanity because he’s the type of person who doesn’t get to go to Westworld.”

Westworld tended to bring out the worst in people due to the fact that there were no real consequences and therefore Dolores didn’t really experience the full range of humanity, she only saw it’s ugly side.

It’s good to hear that the show will be delving into this and showing the various shades of grey that people live in and I think it’s a really smart way to go especially because it can show the difference in class and so on.

Nolan also said that the complexities will be reflected in Calebs companion robot G-267. This will show Dolores that she actually has more in common with humans than she’d like to believe and this again exemplifies the class struggle.

Dolores has free will to some extent whereas G-267 is more inline with a typical machine.

A New Company

Along with a new main character, the show also has a new evil corporation named Incite.

They have apparently stepped into the gap that was left and have taken over things on a corporate level.

The season is meant to center around the hosts stopping these.


However, they won’t be the only characters that Dolores butts heads with and apparently Bernard and the character will be going head to head.

This is mainly down to their morals as Dolores is quite violent and gung ho whereas Bernard is more of a pacifist.

According to Joy:

“They will likely come into conflict. They may even kill each other. But she’s come to understand that true freedom isn’t something that arises from a lack of dissent, from a dictatorial or totalitarian rule of one set of ideologies. It’s something that has to happen with a plurality of ideas, sometimes coming into conflict. Because she’s learned her lesson, she’s bringing Bernard back into this world to be a check on her own power, in some ways.”

So, though she may be disagreeing with the character, it is for a reason.

A New Park

And finally, though it does look like we will be exploring the outside world, that doesn’t mean that the parks are gone for good.

In season two we got introduced to Shogun World and also an Eastern Influence plain.

In total there are actually six parks that exist and when asked if we would learn about these other locations, Joy said Absolutely.

So going ahead it does look like there is a hell of a lot to look forward to and though we can expect a shorter season that doesn’t mean that it will be lacking in any of the quality that we have come to expect from the show and it’s first two entries.

I’m currently working my way through the first two seasons to get fully caught up for the third season’s release and I’m very excited to see what happens down the line, especially with the new additions.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear if you’re hyped for the season so comment below and let me know.

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