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WESTWORLD SEASON 3 Who Is In Charlotte Hale’s Body? BEST Fan Theories

Teddy Charlotte Hale fan theory

This article we’re breaking down one of the biggest mysteries in Westworld Season 3.

That is, who is in Charlotte Hale’s Body?

Throughout this, we’re gonna be going over the best fan theories and the evidence to support them. There’s a tonne of people that the character could be but we think we’ve narrowed it down to a select few that really feel like they could be the one driving the ship.

Those these are all theories at the moment, we will be discussing some of the major plot points in season 3 so far so if you haven’t had a chance to check out the show yet then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel as we do breakdowns on Westworld every week and with that out the way, thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into our breakdown of Who Is In Charlotte Hale’s Body.

Who Is In Charlotte Hale’s Body?

Ok so right up top we’re gonna be telling you the choices up top just so you know who we’ll be covering as they get weirder and weirder. The obvious ones are Teddy, Clementine, The Man In Black, Abernathy, and Angela but the more obscure theories are the twisted personality of Dolores aka Wyatt and Caleb himself.

I know that last one sounds crazy but as we get further into the video you’ll see there’s actually a tonne of evidence for them.

Whoever is in the host is clearly having an identity crisis and though we do know that they destroyed the body that they were initially in. When Dolores left the park she had an intact copy of Hale, however as we saw the need to rebuild the shell in the opening of episode 3, we can assume that this is because it was torn apart.

Hale is clearly doing this again and though there is lip service to the real Hale wanting to break free, I do believe that this may be the machine version of Schizophrenia. So yes, A.I.’s can have mental health issues too.

The one host that we know it isn’t is Bernard. Though he was taken out of the park with Dolores, he was shown to Hale in Episode 3 so we can pretty much rule him out of being an accomplice.

Teddy Charlotte Hale fan theory


Now firstly is Teddy. This is probably the most obvious choice out of every character but just because he’s the go to doesn’t mean that he should be ruled out.

Dolores and whoever is masquerading as Hale clearly know each other very well. They share very intimate moments with one another in which they discuss their pasts and shared history and thus it’s a safe bet that the host has a connection to Dolores much in the same way that Teddy did.

Teddy apparently went to host heaven in Season 2 after shooting himself but that doesn’t mean he cannot return.

Obviously James Marsden has been asked several times whether he would return to the show and when speaking to comicbook.com he stated.

“I mean, I’m not allowed to say anything. But I would say that just based on your hypothesis, if he’s died 4,000 times then I would say that the odds are probably strong. Yeah. And you know, But it’s a question I can’t answer. And I think time will tell.”

So Marsden is hinting that he may return and what better way to do it than through an enigmatic new form.

Hale does clearly know that Hale is the face of the enemy which is knowledge that Teddy would have so this does make a tonne of sense.

However, as mentioned, it does just seem to on the nose for me and for a show that prides itself on having twists I can’t see Teddy being the one inside.

The Man In Black

The next choice that I don’t think is the case is The Man In Black. Though never out and out confirmed as a host, the post-credits scene of Season 2 did indeed hint that something was up with the character.

After apparently killing his daughter during the season The Man In Black finally reached ‘The Door’ which was the destination he had been searching for what seemed like a lifetime.

Upon getting there he arrived at The Forge to find it completely in ruins. Here he was greeted by the daughter that he’d shot and killed in the prior entry.

He believed that he was in a simulation but his daughter Emily stated that it wasn’t.

Instead, she said that he was in their world or what was left of it. She told him that he had reached this destination under similar circumstances before and that they were actually just establishing a baseline to verify fidelity.

This, of course, had happened with James Delos earlier in the season and it did hint that William had died long ago and this resurrection of the character had been created in order to provide somewhat immortality for him.

So it does appear that he is indeed synthetic and though this could be in Hale, I believe that there is a different purpose for him.

Nolan and Lisa Joy in interviews stated that William is far ahead in the future when the world is incredibly decayed and I think he will show why humans may have taken other measures to ensure their survival.

Westworld Season One and Two dealt with timelines and differences between them whereas I think that Season 3 will deal with different worlds and we will have the real one and a simulation created by Rehoboam.

I believe that William will be in this real world and this is why in the previews we see him in several shattered locations. If this is the truth then he simply can’t be in Hale as she is part of the pristine simulation that makes the world look like a Utopia.



Next up is Angela. We know that she is one of the oldest hosts in the park as she first greeted William as a young man and has appeared throughout several of the time jumps.

Angela’s prime directive was to seduce men and the first time Hale comes face to face with her ex-husband she instantly moves to kiss him. She is also a devoted follower of one of our other choices Wyatt so she could easily fit into the role of someone that is willing to kill for Dolores, a host that shared elements of his personality.

Where this theory falls down is that Angela blew herself up in Season 2 but there is definitely a possibility here for her to be inside Hale.


Clementine is another similar choice to Angela.

Clem has always been a wildcard within the show and as season one progressed she went on the darker side of her personality came to the forefront. Clem was also a loyal follower of Wyatt who eventually helped to lead the hosts to the Valley Beyond in Season 2.

This is why I don’t think she’s behind Hale as it just seems like she served her purpose and fulfilled her arc and being one of the more likely candidates I can now see her being unlikely to be in the body for that exact reason.


Our following contender is Peter Abernathy aka Dolores’s father. Abernathy went on a pretty wild ride throughout the two seasons and the sympathetic character really exemplified the please of the machines.

Now why this is possible is because on my first video covering the season I had several comments stating that Abernathy was listed as Hale’s name in Closed Captions for the trailer. Now I have rewatched the trailers with Closed Captions on, however, it looks like they were either not there or this has since been removed.

I don’t know but the character is not listed as Abernathy when speaking, the other characters such as Dolores, Maeve and Caleb all do however get names before they speak.

So, this could have been removed and it does make sense that Dolores would want to keep her father close. I do believe that if this was the case then it may have hinted towards another theory and that is Wyatt.

Peter Abernathy Charlotte Hale Fan Theory


Ok so if Abernathy was dropped then it could highlight that Dolores is in fact connected to Hale in several ways. Dolores’ surname is of course also Abernathy so this draws a connection to her.

In Season One we learned that Dolores had a darker side to her code known as Wyatt. A homicidal murdered that had went on a massacre in one of the earlier storylines.

Dolores slowly unearthed this and it brought out the worst side of her personality so it makes sense that she would try to remove this. However, it would still have it’s uses.

Dolores knows this personality very well and she also knows that should it come down to it it can defend itself.

There’s a lot of lip service and hints towards this such as Dolores saying that neither her or whoever Hale is have a mother or father. She also states that she trusts her more than anything else and that ‘no one knows you like me and no one knows me like you.’

In addition to this at one point in the episode, Dolores states to Hale ‘You Belong To Me’ which could indicate that she does indeed come from her own code.

When Hale murders a man later in the episode Hale says ‘I remember what it’s like to be me’ which speaks to the more homicidal nature within Dolores.

When the two meet at one point in episode 3 for the former to Dolores to try and reassure her that she’s ok they both get into bed and go to the fetal position. This could symbolize that they have a shared birth and were created together.

On top it also resembles the Yin and Yang. I wanna shoutout Garrie Lee Fowler for noticing this and even the color scheme resembles the pattern.

This brings the idea of both sides of the personality, Dolores and Wyatt, balancing out one another and being part of the same whole.

Therefore with all this iconography, it does seem likely that Hale may indeed be Wyatt, the darker side of Dolores.

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And finally the theory that I’m also seeing pick up a lot of steam is that the host is Caleb.

Shoutouts to Liz P for dropping this on my previous Westworld video and pretty much inspiring me to make this entire breakdown.

After thinking about it for a while I think it becomes more and more likely the further we look into it.

Firstly, we know that Caleb’s mother dealt heavily with Schizophrenia to the point that she even abandoned her own child, this could become hereditary and therefore Caleb would deal with identity crises far worse than others. We know that some hosts have swapped bodies without any problem but Caleb knowing that his mother had a mental illness that revolved around this could create paranoia and for Caleb to distrust what he is seeing.

Secondly, Caleb’s mother does not recognize him and this exchange of her not knowing who he is similar to the one that fake Hale has with real Hale’s son Nathan.

Caleb is depressed in real life and we know this by the fact he was receiving therapy from a machine that mimicked the voice of his deceased friend. He also has suicidal tendencies which are indicated by his future path which is revealed at the end of Episode 3. This could be why Hale is obsessed with self-harming.

Now how he could be transferred is because many people, including myself, believe that Caleb may in fact be a synth. Right now I think that the world we are predominantly seeing is a simulation within Rehoboam. Dolores has infiltrated this in order to gain soldiers and this is why we never see Caleb interacting with other hosts, just Dolores. The majority of them are still out in the real world and this is actually taking place before Dolores returns to there to start her war.

I think that the Caleb we saw killing himself is what happened to the real Caleb and he was then placed into the simulation which turned the clock back.

It is able to predict things so accurately because they have already happened, however, Dolores entering this world has caused there to be an anomaly.

The events we are seeing with Hale are in the real world after Dolores has recruited him and this is why he is finding it difficult to fit in. Not only is he having an existential crisis but he’s also dealing with this new body and thus he is struggling mentally.

There are hints to Caleb being synthetic due to the fact that we see him waking up which mimics the look of Dolores waking up in Season One and there are a lot of similarities.

He also lives in an almost grand theft auto like world which could be a synthetic VR creation for players to enter, we know that he’s been shot in the head before and somehow survived it and yeah there’s just a lot of things going on.

The more and more I think about it the more likely it becomes but I’m sure Westworld still has a lot of curveballs to throw our way.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on who you think is in Hale so if you have an even better suggestion then make sure you leave it below.

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