What’s Next For Spider-Man Now That He...

What’s Next For Spider-Man Now That He’s Out Of The MCU? | Every Upcoming Sony Movie & Show In Development

whats next for spiderman now that the character is out of the mcu

With Spider-man now officially out of the MCU I thought it was time to look to the future of the franchise and see all of the options that Sony has with the character as well as where they could go down the line.

Throughout this, I’ll be discussing where the movie could be going off all of the information that we have on Sony’s upcoming projects and giving my thoughts on what the best play is. These options all pretty much suck but hey, what can you do other than #RAIDSONY instead of Area 51?

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into the breakdown of What’s Next For Spider-Man!


The next film in the franchise will be the Morbius movie. This is set to release on July 31st of 2020 and will have Jared Leto at the helm. The announcement of Morbius was quite head-scratching for me as the character has never really been all that popular, even in the Spider-Verse and it seems like a weird thing to try and launch a franchise with. There have been examples in the past though, such as Guardians Of The Galaxy, which saw D list characters become A-listers and Sony are clearly trying to launch the villain in order to create what I think will be the Sinister Six.

With Spider-man now fully back at Sony I can see the character appearing in a Post Credits scene that will tie together the universe slightly after he was missing from Venom which leads me into my next point.

whats next for spiderman now that the character is out of the mcu

Spider-Man 3

From here I think we will likely get our fully fleshed out Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel, that will follow the character as he deals with being outed by Mysterio. One of the biggest overlooked aspects of the Sony Disney deal is that we did from it get confirmation that Tom Holland is definitely going to be in at least two solo Spider-man Movies.

It should be pretty straight forward for Sony to just pick up from where the character left off but whether they are able to deliver on all aspects with characters like Happy Hogan, Nick Fury and so on missing will be interesting to see. It doesn’t even seem like the name ‘Tony Stark’ can be said during the film and he, of course, had a huge impact on Spider-mans life, though some closure was delivered in Far From Home.

How he will go on to be ‘the next Iron-Man’ when Iron-Man doesn’t exist will be interesting to see and there are rumors that the next solo Spider-man villain will be Kraven The Hunter, who similar to Mobius and Venom is getting a solo film. This is apparently being written by Equalizer 2 writer Richard Went and it makes a lot of sense for Kraven who is a big game hunter, to be going after Spider-man in an upcoming film.

It will be interesting to see if Sony can keep up the momentum of The MCU without the larger world connected to it but I guess time will tell.

Venom 2

Next up is Venom 2, we know that this is in development as Andy Serkis was recently confirmed as the film’s director and after the post-credits scene of the prior film it seems that Sony has a plan to have Carnage go head to head with the character. It’s up in the air whether this will be released before or after Spider-man 3 and this will likely change how the events play out.

Reviews for Venom were pretty mixed and whilst the film did do well theatrically, especially in China, I think that the company has to be smarter than before, perhaps having Tom Holland actually feature in the film. This could potentially be because Spider-man has had to flee from New York to San Francisco due to his identity being exposed in Far From Home and the events of Spider-man 3.

With Holland free to feature in crossover films now I can definitely see Sony using this as an opportunity to bring him across fully into the universe. There were rumors that Venom 3 will be Maximum Carnage and potentially the second movie will introduce Spider-man and form the team together before they go and fight head to head with the titular villain. Either way, this is one of the films that I’m most interested in going forward as it’s pretty much going to show how Spider-man will interact with the other characters in the Sony Verse which I’m sure everyone is curious about.

the sinister six movie with sony

The Sinister Six

If we do get a Kraven solo film I think that the next logical step to take is a Sinister Six movie with Mysterio, Scorpion, Vulture, Kraven, Venom and a newly introduced villain at the helm. Sony has, in the past, tried to create a sinister six film and this was hinted at in the Amazing Spider-man 2 though they severely dropped the ball with it.

This is the most obvious direction for Sony to be heading in as it will create their own shared universe and I’d put money on us getting a Sinister Six film in the next ten years.

The Spider-Verse

And lastly, movie-wise is The Spider-Verse franchise. Sony will no doubt want to create another film in this franchise as the film won the Oscar for best animation and was well-received across the board. Not only did it open up the multiverse but it also introduced Miles Morales who is now an extremely popular character. Sony is now also able to use Tom Holland as a voice actor in this franchise and they could potentially bring him across the multiverse into this movie to interact with the characters with what will no doubt be a much-anticipated movie.

The Spider-Man TV Series

Second to last is the Spider-man TV Series which Phil Lord and Chris Miller are currently developing. This news was announced in the last week and with a little hindsight, you can see that Sony was probably gearing up to part ways with Disney and thus began working on this. There are no mentions of characters yet, however, Sony was initially planning to do a Black Cat and Silver Sable film when Amazing Spider-man 2 was in development so it makes sense that they would now adapt these characters to the new upcoming show.

Who knows what will happen with this and there even rumors that Sony may be setting up a streaming service with this being the launchpad of it though this remains unsubstantiated at the moment.

They Go Back To Disney

And the final option which is the one that I hope happens is that Sony realises they’ve messed up, they see the internet outcry and decide to go back to Disney to renegotiate the deal. This is definitely the best thing to do for the fans and probably the Spider-man franchise as I can see interest waning in it if it’s not connected to the overall universe.

Tony Stark didn’t die for this and it’s baffling that Sony would completely take Spider-man off the table especially with how much goodwill should be built up between the companies due to their shared success.

Whether this happens or not we will see but it’s the one I’m pulling for the most.

Your Thoughts

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