Why Nick Fury Called Captain Marvel: Fan Theory

Why Nick Fury Called Captain Marvel: Fan Theory

marvel infinity war fan theory

With Infinity War now on general release throughout the world, many fans have been pouring over it frame by frame in order to pick out the most minute details.

If you adore fan theories like me then you know that they can dramatically change the way that you watch a film. This one by Redditor sjvkrgr1 definitely changes my thoughts on the Post Credits scene of Infinity War and sheds new light on the previous MCU films.

The Theory

The redditor states that we should not be asking why Fury Never called on Captain Marvel before Infinity War, instead we should change our perspective and ask ‘why did Fury call on her THIS time?’

What is offered up by the writer is an incredible thought on Fury’s place throughout the entire MCU line of films and they state that:

  1. During the Post Credits scene, Fury confident when Maria disintegrates. Like he knows what is going on.

  2. He IMMEDIATELY goes for the pager like he was prepared for the event.

  3. In Age of Ultron, when he meets with Tony, Fury says “I’m not the director of anybody. Just an old man who cares very much about you.” This is an odd turn of phrase as prior to this they hadn’t really had much of a relationship and Fury is normally really standoffish with most people.

  4. Later in that same conversation, Tony tells Fury of the vision Scarlet Witch gave him where he “kills the Avengers…the whole world too”. Fury looks intrigued at the idea that Tony could have seen such a thing. He tries to comfort Tony by saying it was a trick, but Tony insists he was SHOWN it.

  5. Stark says “watching my friends die…you’d think that’d be as bad as it gets… Nope. Wasn’t the worst part.” Fury interrupts, “worst part is that you didn’t”.

Prior Knowledge?

The redditor states that all of the above points hint towards the fact that Fury had prior knowledge to the events of Infinity War. Emphasising that they think the Captain Marvel film will show us that Fury has either a) seen/heard of/been told the future where a man named Iron Man will save the universe, or b) has seen a Snappening before to some degree.

marvel infinity war fan theory

They think that when Stark announced himself to be Iron Man, that was Furys cue to introduce Stark into this world of superheroes because he knew he would be of the UTMOST importance one day. This would explain why he immediately wanted to recruit Stark and train him to be a competent soldier. This would also explain why he has tried time and time again to save Stark from himself.

It would explain why when Stark explains his vision of killing the Avengers and the world isn’t the worst part, Fury knows that Stark was still alive. Perhaps Fury already knew this prophecy.

Finally, it would explain why Fury didn’t call Captain Marvel until now. Perhaps in the past, he was shown or learned that in the future, there would be this catastrophic event, where she would be needed. That’s why when Maria disappeared, he quickly went to get the pager. I don’t think it was out of fear, but out of recognizing what the situation was.

Your Thoughts

Personally I think this is an incredible story that not only clears up why Fury was so quick to grab the pager but also explains how the spy manages to stay one step ahead of everyone else time and time again. I can’t wait to see if Captain Marvel highlight more of this or if it will be brushed aside as another one of Marvel’s best fan theories. What do you think? Is there legitamcy to it or do you disagree?

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