Why Tony Stark Is Not Dead In Spider-Man: Far F...

Why Tony Stark Is Not Dead In Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

why tony stark is not dead in spiderman far from home

Ok so I’ve seen a lot of news articles and internet posts recently about how Tony Stark is Dead due to the fact that he is not anywhere in the Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer.

Even just googling: ‘Is Tony Stark Dead’ brings up millions of results.

The main evidence for this comes from the fact that Pepper Pots signs the donation cheque, Happy Says ‘You are all alone’ and Peter looks at his costume with Sadness.

A Bit Of A Reach?

Personally, I think a lot of these are a bit of a reach and when you watch the trailer you don’t really get the feel for that. Obviously, we know that Pepper Potts is now the Sole CEO of Stark Industries so this Cheque signing doesn’t seem out of place. Peter looking at his costume with sadness could be because he has a lot of memories attached to it and sort of wants to leave the responsibility attached to it behind it.

Happy saying ‘You Are All Alone’ to me means that the Avengers will not be with him and that he is going out on this trip without any real reach to the rest of the team rather than Tony is dead.

Tony Stark Is Alive: Fan Theory

Recently I was sent a tweet by Katie Leigh, who has contributed to fan theories before and what she says makes a lot of sense.

In the Tweet Katie states:

Hey, hope you’re good? Just noticed a few things in spiderman trailer……the film is set moments after Endgame, when the smirkey dude says he respects spiderman etc he mentions Thor and Iron Man and Peter isn’t moved like Stark is gone, far from it..also when happy gives the cheque id expect tears upon seeing each other (I know its a reach) Got me thinking though, like what if the biggest lie the Russos have created is Captain America and Iron Man dying or leaving the MCU in other ways, id actually put money on at least 1 of them signing on for a few more films….

Personally, this seems like the most likely theory. I mean, Happy Hogan doesn’t exactly seem sad and I feel like the universe would have a lot less of a positive outlook if one of it’s biggest parts no longer existed.

why tony stark is not dead in spiderman far from home

Other Theories

There are of course other theories that state that far from home actually ends before Infinity War starts with Peter’s Bus journey in that film being when they return from the trip.

Your Thoughts

Of course, we won’t know what’s true and what isn’t until Endgame is released in April but until then it’s fun to speculate. Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you enjoyed this video please┬álike it and let me know your theories in the comments below.

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