Widows: The Movie’s Incredible Ending Exp...

Widows: The Movie’s Incredible Ending Explained

widows ending explained spoiler talk review on the 2018 movie starring liam neeson intro

After a Police Shootout leaves four robbers dead, their Widows join forces to pull off the heist that their husbands were planning. This Steve McQueen Female centric film has a lot to unpack from it and throughout this article I will be discussing all of the details that you need to know about Widows.

There will be heavy spoilers and it may be worth skipping this video for now if you want to go into the film with Fresh eyes.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and I ruin it so you don’t have to.

Plot Synopsis

The main thrust of the story behind Widows revolves around the political war between The Mulligans and Mannings who are both in competition to become the 18th Ward Alderman of Chicago. Manning’s popularity has him as the favourite so in order to derail his competition’s campaign, Mulligan, played by Colin Farrell, hired Henry Rawlings, played by Liam Neeson to rob him.

Rawlings manages to get away with two million dollars of Manning’s money but he and his group of robbers are seemingly shot and killed in an explosion by Police. Mannings, angry that he could lose the battle for the Political position puts pressure on Rawling’s wife Veronica, played by Viola Davis to find a way to return the money. Veronica discovers her husbands’ notebook which details jobs and future heists.

Viola assembles a team of widows made up of her Husband’s associates. This includes Alice, Linda and Belle who is an outsider of the group. Mannings uses his closest associate Jatemme, played by Daniel Kaluuya, to stalk and intimidate Veronica to make sure she is going ahead with the plan.

widows ending explained spoiler talk review on the 2018 movie starring liam neeson intro

The First Big Twist In Widows

The first big twist in the film comes when we learn that Henry is in fact not dead and was actually having an affair with one of his associate’s wives. Henry was paid by Jack Mulligan to rob the Manning campaign fun and was going to split the money with him so that Henry could start a new life. Henry currently has a four-month-old child with his new partner and plans to leave the city with her and the child. This is because he and Veronica had a child together that was killed by an overly excited Policeman during a traffic stop.¬†Clearly, the pain was too much for him and he decided to fake his own death and leave his life of crime behind. Henry rigged the van to explode and alerted the police so that they would ambush the group and think that he was killed in the explosion.

Veronica appears to learn this when going to Henry’s girlfriend’s house to recruit her. Veronica’s dog is barking at a door and she discover’s Henry’s flask but refuses to open the door to see if he is there. I believe this is because she is now so invested in the job and making something of herself that she doesn’t want this reveal so shys away from it.

When approaching the job, The Group learn that Henry in fact also had plans to rob The Mulligan’s and it’s a nice twist that hints towards just how two faced that Henry was. The squad carry out the job and in the process, Alice is shot by Jack’s father, played by Robert Duvall. Linda shoots and kills him and the group load the money onto their escape van.

It’s at this point that Jatemme steps forward and robs them, driving off in the van. They catch up to him and force him off the road which leads to one of the most realistic crash scenes that I’ve ever seen in a film. The group take the money, Alice and Linda go to hospital to treat the former’s wounds and Belle is dropped off while Veronica goes back to the hideout.

widows spoiler talk movie review

Widows Ending Explained

It’s at this point that Henry steps forward and reveals that he is still alive to Veronica and he tells her that he needs the money for his new family. He goes to shoot Veronica but before he can she kills him and stages the body to look like it was a standoff that went wrong.

In the film’s epilogue we learn that Jack Mulligan won the election due to the city feeling sympathy over the murder of his father. Linda buys back her store which was repossessed after her husband’s death, Belle leaves to start a new life with her daughter but not before she leaves her friend and manager enough money to pay off the debt that she owed to Jack Mulligan. Veronica donates the money to a Library which will be dedicated to her deceased son Marcus.

In the final scene of the film she runs into Alice at a diner who has now been able to leave her life as an escort behind due to the money. The two share an exchange and we finally see Veronica smile which shows that she has finally let go of all of the grief that clouded her life and she is able to finally embrace and live a good life instead of turning a blind eye to the criminal dealings and predicaments that her husband put her in.

My Review

Personally, I found Widows thrilling, touching and empowering. This is a story about taking a loss and turning it into a positive and whether you are male or female I think you will be able to relate to one of the characters. They are all dealing with grief in their own way and it’s a tale as much about loss as it is gain.

Everyone brings their A game here and delivers the film that Oceans 8 should have been. This is definitely worth checking out and makes another success for Steve McQueen.

Your Thoughts

So, what are your thoughts on Widows? Do you think it lived up to the hype and what is your favourite heist movie? Comment below and let me know!

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