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Wonder Woman 1984: PLOT LEAKS SOUND BAD | Full Breakdown & Why The Movie Has Been Labeled A DISASTER

Wonder Woman 1984 Plot leak breakdown and reaction to the screening spoilers

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition and just when it looked like DC were finally getting back on their feet after Joker it seems like they’re taking two steps back with reactions from the October Screening of Wonder Woman 1984 labeling it a Disaster.

Throughout this, I’m just gonna be going through everything that we know about the plot from the leaks and the reactions to it from the screenings.

There will be heavy spoilers here and whilst leaks like this should always be taken with a pinch of salt, the plot which was originally posted on Reddit was taken down due to a DMCA so it looks like they could indeed be true.

So you have been warned.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into Wonder Woman 1984!

Wonder Woman 1984 Plot Leak Breakdown

Ok so the screening was apparently held last month and after Pattie Jenkins stated recently that she has shown the film to some audiences, it doesn’t sound like things are looking good for the movie. According to those who got to see the movie early, 1984 is goofy, slow-paced and very plot-heavy.

Redditors who have apparently seen the movie said that it was very camp as well due to not only it’s 80’s setting but also many of the plot devices that the film uses.

They said that the source of Maxwell Lord’s power comes from a magic stone that grants wishes but it has a monkey’s paw effect that gives them an added curse. And the curses feed Max Lord’s power.

We did hear rumors about this a couple of months back and it seems like a pretty basic plot device which, yeah, magic stone, it’s a nothing item so I think they just needed a way to invent why he could pose a threat towards a superhuman.

The Magic Stone

Now, this magic stone apparently falls into the hands of Wonder Woman who when touching it, according to the leaks, accidentally wishes Steve Trevor alive again. Now to make matters worse, his spirit possesses another man and only Diana sees him as Steve whereas everyone else sees him as the real person that he is.

This is meant to be a sincere moment in which Diana gets back her true love but according to the audience, you just feel bad for the guy that Steve has suddenly possessed.

This wish costs her some of her invincibility as bullets and knives can now hurt her….which…yeah I think this is the point where the film starts to cave in on itself due to its convolution. They said that for the movie she mainly relies on the Lasso as that doesn’t lose its power and it’s the only thing that she can use with magic.

Lasso Upgrade

The lasso also appears to have gotten an upgrade. It now has the ability to fire off bolts of lightning which, I dunno why she didn’t use that against Doomsday or Steppenwolf. That’s often a big problem with prequels where stuff set in the past is somehow better than when it’s further down the timeline.

Anyway, Diana, having lost her ability to fly, with the help of Steve goes after Lord in her invisible jet. According to the leak, she can now change stuff invisible with the stone, yeah don’t ask me. This harkens back to the comic books but as for a film I’m not sure how it will turn out and the leaked images we saw of it did look kinda goofy but hey…movie magic and all that. Maybe they used the stone to make it so that it didn’t look bad but in turn unleashed a terrible curse that means this movie will suck.

Anyway, the rock also gives Kristen Wiig’s character Barbara Minverva the power of Cheetah. This allows her to hurt people with her claws and move really fast. There’s apparently a scene where she goes into the gym, some guys are making fun of her and then she bench presses 1000 pounds. You got em…you sure showed them.

I’m starting to think this movie was written in the 80s as well.


Anyway, people at the screening said that when she does eventually become the Cheetah and dons her traditional look that it just looks like a CATS reject and has her bouncing about in a pretty mediocre suit.

She ends up becoming the villain and she wants to stop Diana from taking down Lord due to the fact that if she does she will lose her powers.

This leads to a big fight and during it, Lord undoes all of his wishes by mistake and Cheetah’s powers go away. Steve goes away too but that’s not the end of the story and it’s said that the movie rips off the ending Meet Joe Black with Diana agreeing to go on a date with the guy that Steve possessed as he doesn’t remember anything.

Yeah really really bad.

Now, like I said, leaks like this should be taken lightly but again the post was removed by Reddit in response to a copyright notice so there could be a lot of weight to it.

Wonder Woman 1984 Plot leak breakdown and reaction to the screening spoilers

Wonder Woman 1984 Leak Reaction

Personally, this plot leak is really disheartening and it seems like for every foot that DC put forward with a Joker they put two back with Wonder Woman and I’m guessing Birds Of Prey cos, yeah, that movie does not look good. I honestly think it’s time that they kinda wind down the DCEU a bit as bar Shazam, Wonder Woman and Aquaman these movies have been pretty disappointing. I actually really like Man Of Steel and the extended cut of Batman V Superman but they were panned and there was clearly a lot of studio interference that stopped those movies from being what they should have been.

This sounds like a real step down and the plot is so simplistic at points that it really seems like a retread of things that we’ve seen done hundreds of times, twenty years ago. Comic book movies have moved on so much in the last decade and I can see why fans are very disappointed with this as it sounds like it’s just taking very basic elements and dragging them out.

Make a wish storylines can often be a very lazy way to fix things in films and the fact that they are going with that to resurrect Steve Trevor is really worrying to me. There are so many better ways that it could be done. This was originally thought to be a trick by Hades or one of the old ancient God but to hear that it’s just a wish is very poor in my opinion. Things just being sorted by wishing them and then having a ‘be careful what you wish for’ message behind it has been done to death and it’s no really a plot motif that I find all that interesting for a superhero movie so I’m really hoping that they take the feedback from the audience and fix it.

The number of reshoots that go on at the moment in movies leave things open to be changed over and over so yeah, I WISH that they would take some time out and fix it.

The movie was originally moved forward from its original release date so if they have to push it back then it’s ok by me, I just want the best movie possible so if it’s delayed that’s better than releasing what’s in these leaks if they are true.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the leaks and if you agree with me or if you think that they sound good. Comment below and let me know!

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