World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker Review

World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker Review

world war hulk prologue world breaker review by deffinition as part of comic book talk

world war hulk prologue world breaker review by deffinition as part of comic book talk

World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker Review By Deffinition

World War Hulk is arguably the biggest storyline in the big green giant’s rich green history. Paying off all of the setup from Planet Hulk, it sees comic books’ favourite monster return to Earth seeking vengeance on those that banished him and killed his family.

But how did it all happen?

Recapping the entire saga is World War Hulk Prologue. Set just moments before Hulk returns to our planet it tells the story of all that has happened thus far.

Is it worth reading for those who have read the prior chapters or is this an unnecessary stop-gap before the final fight? That’s what I’m here to find out! So with that out the way let’s dive into World War Hulk: Prologue!

Alien Attack

Obsessed with returning home, Hulk solemnly stands on the bow of his ship as it ventures to Earth. Unable to break free of the anger that haunts him he doesn’t even bat an eyelid as his return voyage is set upon by extraterrestrials. Envisioning the monsters are his true enemies (The Avengers) he tears through them mercilessly, kicking the book off in brilliant fashion.

It’s rare that an opening action scene manages to pack a punch whilst also delivering on the psychological aspects of the characters involved but World War Hulk: World Breaker pulls it off in spectacular fashion. I love how brashly it kick-started the book and the work instantly got me on Hulk’s side. Revenge is the driving force of this storyline and it’s a testament to the character development here that we feel every part of Hulk’s anger.

She Hulk in World Breaker

She Hulk

Mirroring this rage is She Hulks. Angered that her cousin was banished from Earth, she shows the counterpoint to The Avenger’s actions. Clearly going against Human rights, they were wrong to dissent against one of their closest allies and it paints them in the villainous way that gets us even more excited for their eventual showdown with the big green giant.

Recapping several of The Hulk’s adventures over the years with Doc Samson, their segway acts as a devils advocate for why Banner was banished in the first place. It’s great getting minor glimpses into previous skirmishes and definitely adds weight to their decisions. The best conflicts are equally balanced from both sides and this is no different. Just as much as I saw things from Hulk’s perspective I also agree with The Avengers and I could easily see myself landing on either side of the argument on any given day.

This truly elevates the work and it’s inclusion was a stroke of genius in the book. As the debate rages on we see Hulk finally enter Earth’s orbit and the story finishes on a cliffhanger that is bound to make even the most detached from the storyline engage fully.

The Verdict

World War Hulk Prologue serves its purpose well. Perfectly setting up the final fight it allows readers to become fully invested in both sides of the battle. Never before have I been so hyped for a closing chapter and this Prologue should be commended for its ability to get me fully invested.

Sure it isn’t necessary reading and many would be able to argue that it can be skipped entirely, however, it adds a wealth of exposition in its short run and recaps just how important this final showdown is for all of those involved.

I had a lot of fun with this World War Hulk Prologue and that’s why it gets an…


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