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You: Ending Fan Theory: Did THAT Character Really Die? | SEASON ONE SPOILERS

you season one fan theory did beck really die

You has just dropped it’s first season on Netflix and there is a hell of a lot to unpack from it’s ending. Whilst I’ve already broken down the show in my previous Ending Explained video, there is just something that I can’t get out of my head.

Now before I go forward with this theory I have to give a huge spoiler warning in regards to the first seasons ending. I will be discussing the events of it so, if you haven’t seen it yet then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way, the thing that is bugging me is did Beck really die?

In the final episode, it appears that, after her escape attempt, that Joe has had enough and finally decides to kill her. We are then shown the aftermath of her death in which her book becomes a huge hit and launches her into stardom.

But what if she is still alive, trapped in Joe’s basement, living out the rest of her days in a cage.

The first thing that makes me believe this may be the case is that we never actually see Beck die. The last we see of her is Joe’s hands around her throat, but, in the case with Candace, we know that even if someone is believed to be dead, it doesn’t mean that they are.

you season one fan theory did beck really die

So who could be in the grave that Joe dug? Personally, I believe that this is Joe’s violent neighbour. We all saw that he had mob connections so it makes sense that Joe would leave a false trail. Joe needed to dispose of that body so it makes sense that he would get rid of it in this way. In regards to her Therapist’s arrest, sure police may have done DNA tests but what if the confession that Beck left was enough to implicate him? Joe may have destroyed the body enough for this and it would be two birds with one stone.

Beck was such an interesting aspect of season one that it seems strange to have her death off screen, especially when the show pulled no punches before. Many people were disappointed that Beck was killed so this could rectify their view of the show.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the show and if you disagree or agree with me in regards to the character. Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then please like it and make sure you check out my original break down of the show here – You: Season One: Ending Explained

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