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Zombieland: Double Tap: Ending Explained, Post Credits Breakdown + Full Movie Spoiler Talk Review

zombieland double tap post credit scene breakdown

It’s time to take a stroll through Zombieland with the long-awaited sequel now making it’s way to cinemas worldwide.

The film has a lot to unpack from it and throughout this, I’m gonna be breaking down everything that you need to know about the horror-comedy as well as it’s ending.

There’s gonna be heavy spoilers here so if you don’t want anything about the film ruined then I highly suggest that you double-tap out of this now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into our breakdown of Zombieland: Double Tapped.

Zombieland: Double Tapped Plot Recap

Zombieland: Double Tapped picks up a full ten years after the first film and the sequel sees the return of the main cast of characters from the Zombie franchise which is still made up of Columbus, Tallahassee, Little Rock, and Witchita. Columbus and Witchita are dating and Tallahassee is sort of a father figure to Little Rock. This makes for a dysfunctional group who’ve gotten by due to their strict adherence to rules which up until this point has kept them alive.

They’re at a point now where Zombie killing sure has become easy but what Double Tap does differently to it’s predecessor is that it shakes up the formula a bit and introduces a new, evolved zombie named the T-800 that is basically the title of the Daft Punk song, Harder, Better, Faster, Strong.

In addition to this, there’s a whole new host of new Walking Dead including The Homer, named after the infamous Simpsons Character that’s a dumb, lumbering mess, a Hawkings, as in Stephen Hawkings who is the opposite and the Ninja. All of these really elevate the film and kick start the intro with an awesome reminder of just how fun this film is.

I was blown away from the start by just how fun this movie was and watching the Columbia logo do some zombie killing herself made me remember exactly why the first film got such a cult following.

In Search Of A Home

Anyway, after making the White House their new home, they pardon Wesley Snipes, settle down and truly become a family in the Fast And The Furious sense of the word. Columbus decides to propose to Witchita and make things official but she completely rebuffs it, worried that all marriages end in divorce and that their new world isn’t really built for attachment. Little Rock dreams of going off on her own and becoming her own woman due to Tallahassee still treating her like a child and together she and Witchita leave.

On the road, they meet a new traveler and we pick up a couple of weeks later where Columbus and Tallahassee discover Madison, a ditzy survivor who somehow has managed to survive the apocalypse with a lot of dumb luck…and by having no brains. This kinda sets up the aesthetic of the film which centers around the group meeting new characters that really bring a lot of dynamism to the movie. Columbus and Madison sleep together, just in time for Witchita to return and tell them that Little Rock has left for Graceland with a wannabe Rockstar.

It’s an awesome way to change up the dynamics of the film and I was worried that the film would feel stale after such a long hiatus but there’s just so much added here that it feels fresh and reinvigorating, providing a much needed shot in the arm for the franchise. This very much becomes a road trip set to the backdrop of the zombie apocalypse and for those who thought that zombie movies were dead and buried this shows that there’s plenty of life left in the aesthetic.

zombieland double tap post credit scene breakdown

The T-800

On the road, they come face to face with the apex predator, the T-800 that’s probably going to be better than the new Terminator film and end up having to apparently kill Madison due to her showing signs of Zombification. I’ll get into this later but after getting to Graceland they meet a woman named Nevada, played by Rosario Dawson, who tells them that the pair have headed to a commune named Babylon which is built around a Skyscraper. Her and Tallahassee bond over their shared love of Elvis and sleep together and awaken the next day to find two more survivors that are basically mirror images of Columbus and Tallahassee. Now my biggest problem with these new additions, bar Madison, is that the characters don’t really last long, each one is either dropped out the plot taken out just as quickly as they are introduced and I would have loved to have been with the characters long enough to actually gain an attachment to them.

It kinda makes these newbies feel a bit pointless and though all of them get an awesome moment each, it’s not enough to really make you more invested in the film. Now there does come some redemption when they rediscover Madison driving an ice cream truck and we learn that her freak out was actually just a reaction caused by her nut allergy. Columbus was supposed to kill her in the woods but ya boy is under the thumb and it’s like when the girl you think you got blocked turns back up to ruin your life again. I’m just kidding ladies, I love you.

Anyway, They arrive at Babylon and are forced to turn in their guns, which they begrudgingly do in order to find Little Rock. The commune sets off fireworks to celebrate their arrival but Little Rock implies to Tallahassee that she wants to be her own woman and he decides to part ways with them. On the road, he comes across the biggest Zombie hord since World War Z and heads back to warn Babylon that the fireworks are attracting them, left with no weapons the group really struggles to fight them off and it leads to an amazing finale.

Zombie: Double Tap Ending Explained

The group is absolutely huge and makes for an awesome showdown it seems like all hope is lost until Nevada shows up and rescues them from their fate, allowing them to escape up the skyscraper. On the rooftop, Tallahasse runs off the rooftop and grabs onto a crane but the Zombies blindly follow him with most of them running off the edge. However, two manage to get a hold of him but Little Rock saves him with a pistol that she forgot to hand in at the border. They manage to pull Tallahassee back in and save his life.

In the end Wichita accepts Colombus’ hand in marriage and she finally says yes to him. Little Rock breaks things off with her boyfriend who ends up getting together with Madison and Nevada and Tallahassee hook up. After a big part the group, joined by Nevada decide to leave the commune and after almost a decade of searching for one, Columbus states that they have found their home with one another, stating that home isn’t a place, it’s the people you’re with.

zombieland double tap post credit scene breakdown

Zombieland: Double Tap Post Credit Scene

The film ends with an interview with Bill Murray that was shown in Trailers for some reasons and if you were wondering what exactly this was then we finally have the answers. Now it’s kinda fourth-wall breaking but it has Murray sitting promoting Garfield 3, the Flabby Tabby in 2009 and comparing it to the Godfather. He says that he did the movie cos drugs cost money and it’s a hilarious way to end the film. This takes place during Day-Z of the Zombie Outbreak and actually follows what actions he took to end up in the first film, it’s an awesome little easter egg that fans of the franchise will love and watching Murray go about killing Zombies and having fun with it is an amazing watch.

We also get another post credits scene that’s a blooper of Murray trying to cough up a furball and that’s the ending of Zombieland: Double Tap.

Zombieland: Double Tap Review

But what did I think of the film as a whole? Well Zombieland: Double Tap is an awesome addition that whilst I think just falls slightly short of the original is still an awesome awesome ride. The movie perfectly balances comedy and action and is just a blast from start to finish. Every character from the main cast gets a chance to shine and though I do think that the film underdevelops it’s new additions, those who wanna just have a catch up with the cast from the first film will find a lot to like.

It is slightly predictable on the whole but when you’re having this much fun, who really cares?

The team behind it did an awesome job of recapturing the spirit of the first film and it feels like we never left with this really not missing a beat, matching the original in both tone and style.

This is definitely the one to watch this weekend and I was worried that interest would wane a lot in the film with it’s prior entry being so long ago, however this really gets you back on board and I really really hope that it’s not another 10 years before we get to go back to Zombieland and see what other adventures there are for the characters.

Zombieland is great and that’s why it gets a…


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